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Insomnia & Sleep Issues

Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy in Cumbria

Without regular, undisturbed sleep we are unable to restore and refesh the mind and body. At certain times of stress or anxiety, we may find it difficult to settle or switch off from the day's demands. At times, it seems that sleep just won't come, no matter how tired we are physically. Or we may find that we go off to sleep relatively easily only to wake throughout the night, or even awaken after only a few hours sleep.


If this happens over a period of time, we may find we have set up a habit of sleeplessness that can be difficult to break out of. Consequently, we go to bed expecting to toss and turn and find ourselves in a constant battle, fighting to force sleep to come.

If you are suffering from sleep problems, getting to the cause is the first step on the way to re-establishing a healthy, natural sleep pattern. It might be enough to explore your worries and concerns and to discover solutions to day time problems.


It may be necessary to retrain your body to relax and your mind to let go of control. This can be done by learning simple relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis. Hypnotherapy can often uncover and address any problems connected to deeper issues that regular therapy might miss or fail to get to the route of.

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