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Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy in Cumbria

Abuse can be experienced by people from all walks of life: men, women, children, and the elderly. Whether it happened in childhood, school, work, or adult relationships, it can have devastaing affects such as:


  • difficulty forming or maintaining positive relationships

  • being unable to work

  • self-harm

  • suicidal thoughts

  • abusive behaviour

Abuse can be physical, emotional, mental, sexual, financial, and even cyber in nature. Any treatment by another or others that causes harm, emotional disturbance, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, fear, disempowerment, confusion, or self-loathing is a form of abuse.


Seeking help can be fraught with fear and anxiety, particularly if you've never talked about it before. Sharing your experiences of abuse with a therapist you've grown to trust can greatly help you on your way to releasing some of the natural feelings of shame, guilt or powerlessness that you may be feeling. 

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