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Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy in Cumbria

Phobias can take many forms, the most common being fear of:

  • flying                             

  • insects / animals

  • water / bridges

  • heights

  • open / closed spaces

  • germs

  • lifts (elevators)

  • the dark

Whilst some fears have a basis in life experience, such as being bitten by a dog in childhood, many seem to be irrational and have no connection to any conscious event. Phobias can greatly disrupt everyday life, causing misery and embarassment.

It is possible, through hypnotherapy, to successfully remove a phobia without having first identified what may have set it up. However, lasting success is more likely if the origin is uncovered and explored. In many cases of an unexplained phobia, its origin may lie in another, past life.

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