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Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy in Cumbria

There are many contributing factors that go into the development of anxiety as an issue causing disruption to our lives. There are natural levels of anxiety that come and go without causing too much concern, such as feeling anxious about an interview or exam. 


However, when it becomes a heightened state of uncomfortable awareness and hyper-vigilance, it can create problems in all areas of life - particularly in social situations. Combined with the emotional response to stressful situations, you might also experience exaggerated physical symptoms, such as rapid heart beat, shallow breathing, and excessive perspiration.

As with any emotional or psychological problem, it's important to identify the root cause whilst simultaneously working to alleviate and/or manage the physical symptoms. Therefore, in conjunctiion with exploring emotional issues, I would also teach breathing and relaxation methods designed to help you feel more in control.

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