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Death & Dying

Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy in Cumbria

Death is very much a taboo subject in our culture, yet we all live with the knowledge that we are not immortal and that one day we will die. For the majority of people, the manner and time of their death is something they prefer not to give too much time or attention to. Of course, life is for living and so dwelling on death too much can take us away from enjoying that life to the best of our ability.


However, for some, the ability to choose whether or not to consider death as a distant, abstract prospect is no longer available to them. You may be someone who lives with death and dying on a daily basis due to your own or a loved ones illness or physical condition. You may even work with the terminally ill and their relatives and so the reality and sadness of death is with you every day.

With death being such an emotive subject, it can be difficult to feel safe to explore your feelings, fears and beliefs. If you have a potentially fatal illness, you may have picked up from loved ones that talking about it makes them feel uncomfortable or overwhelmingly sad. Similarly, if someone you know is dying, you might not feel comfortable broaching the subject with them, even if you feel they might benefit from having someone to talk to about what they are experiencing.


There is great comfort and relief to be gained by talking to someone who isn't emotionally involved. Knowing that your feelings of overwhelming grief and despair won't cause similar feelings in another, or be met with clear signals that discussing such matters is unacceptable, would give you the space to safely explore and hopefully come to terms with this painful experience.

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