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Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy in Cumbria

We each carry within us limiting Core Beliefs that are responsible for sabotaging our best hopes for a fulfilling life of love, health, happiness and success. Although they no longer serve us, like ghosts in the machine, these Core Beliefs continue to operate well into adulthood.


  • Part One explains what Core Beliefs are, how they get created in childhood as a personal survival mechanism, how to identify them, and how they operate within you.


  • Part Two gives you the tools you need to begin the process of getting your limiting Core Beliefs to relinquish control over your life, and to establish and reinforce your own, more positive, Core Beliefs.


  • Part Three looks at the creation and influence of Core Beliefs from the perspective of fictional characters and real people in films such as The Aviator, The Iron Lady, A Taste of Honey, Prince of Tides, and, of course, King Kong.


Packed with inspiring case studies, compelling research, and useful activities and exercises, reading Who's The Boss Of You? is possibly one of the most important and rewarding pieces of personal development work you could do.

It's time to move away from a life of limitation and frustration towards a life filled with greater confidence, abundant joy, improved health, and increasing success and prosperity!



Available direct via this site (price inc. P&P) or on Amazon

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