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Anger is a natural, healthy emotion that can sometimes be overwhelming and damaging to our health, relationships and career. When we feel angry, it's important that we know how to express it positively and appropriately.


It becomes an issue when we try to control it by bottling it up only to find it comes out for seemingly insignificant reasons and is often directed at those closest to us: loved ones who are unlikely to be the real cause of such powerful feelings of frustration.



Negatively expressed anger can be frightening not only for those on the receiving end but also for the person feeling it. Disproportionate feelings and expression of anger or rage can be an indication of low self-esteem, poor self-image, powerlessness, fear or denial of something that needs to change, or as a consequence of past abuse that has never been dealt with.


By exoloring these strong feelings safely and sensitively, you will get to the source of your anger and so find ways of expressing it appropriately. Also, in understanding the cause of your frustration, you will reach an awareness that can bring peace of mind and freedom from the sense of powerlessness that such feelings can instil.

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