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Inner Child Therapy

Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy in Cumbria

Children have a capacity to seek refuge from painful experiences by escaping within the shelter of their imagination. It is this aspect of the child that remains with us into adulthood, and continues as a survival strategy at times of threat or anxiety.


Like any physical child, the Inner Child loves to be spontaneous, needs nurturing, loves to play and explore, and thrives on being in the present. The Inner Child never grows up and never goes away. It is within us always. It is a part of us that is desperate to be acknowledged and nurtured.


Every time a child is told not to cry, to be quiet, not to make a mess, or to calm down, their Inner Child retreats further and further into a safe and/or magical haven deep within.

As adults, we spend the majority of our lives locked in our heads, so far removed from our bodies and natural impulses that we have effectively abandoned our child within. When the needs of this Inner Child - such as love, attention, guidance, nurturing – are not met, we create an environment rife with physical, emotional and psychological problems.


When working with Core Beliefs, it may sometimes be helpful to connect with the Inner Child through drawings or written dialogue. I have found this particularly helpful when working with people with eating disorders or addiction


This work is generally included as part of a counselling / psychotherapy session, but it can also be the main aspect of therapy.




Each session lasts for approx. 1 hour and costs £45.00 (Kendal), £50.00 (Staveley).

Missed appointments are charged in full unless 24 hrs notice is given.

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