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Hypnotherapy can be described as a natural state of altered consciousness in which there is usually a heightened awareness accompanied by deep relaxation. During Hypnotherapy, we make use of this state of awareness to explore problems and unlock inner resources for change. As people are usually less resistant and so can more readily accept positive suggestions under hypnosis, it is possible to effect lasting change more quickly than in the ‘normal’ waking state.


Throughout the session, you are always in control, and usually aware of everything that is being said. If for any reason you feel uncomfortable, you can bring yourself back to normal wakefulness at any time. It is not necessary for you to attain deep levels of hypnosis in order for beneficial effects to be achieved.


A consultation session in which a full medical, emotional and social history is taken, precedes any treatment to ensure your well-being and to provide me with a comprehensive understanding of the issue. This also allows us to work together to decide upon a treatment strategy that will enhance emotional, mental and physical well-being.



Consultation lasts for approx. 1 hour and costs £50.00.


Missed appointments are charged in full unless 24 hrs notice is given.

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